Go Bestie, That’s My Bestie

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know or have seen pictures of my dog, Frieza. If not, get hip.... and yes he does have a doggy page that I have not posted on in forever. However, I promise to do better. 

If you have a baby (dog) out there, I know you can relate to this post. Take some time to appreciate your furry, broke bestie. 

If you don’t have one, well, shout out to your best friend (whomever they are). Best friends take on a lot of our emotional baggage. 

Studies have shown, though, that just spending time with a dog relieves stress. Of course owning one might cause a little stress but the good outweighs the bad, that’s my word. There are organizations out there that allow you to cuddle with pups. The Humane Society is happy to accept individuals to volunteer with dogs. Your local police department may even have programs that allow you to take one home for a dog-cation over the weekend. I know the one in Charlotte, NC is always looking for more people!

In any event, Frieza is a husky and pitbull mix he is about 1 1/2 years old, born August 9. He is a Leo. And he is my best friend.

You see, it’s not just that he’s been here every day since I’ve gotten him May 2020 that I give him this title. No. It’s that Frieza has seen me at my worst; when I thought I was doing my best; as I thought I was doing better; and now as I understand all of the work that needs to be done. Yet, I’m still his favorite person. Shout out to all of his aunties, though.

It’s not just because I feed him, clothe him, give him all the treats that his heart desires that keeps him coming back. It’s not that he has own bed. Or a bin of toys he pulls from or his own spot on the couch. It’s not even that he sleeps in my bed and I love it even though I act like I hate it that makes him my bestie.

It is because he is kind, loving, loyal, and intelligent enough to know that I need him.

It is because whenever he’s seen me cry throughout our journey in life, his immediate reaction was to snuggle me. It’s because no matter how many times I push him away he comes right back. It’s because he’s patient with me as I learn and understand the best way to take care of him. It’s because he bears the weight of supporting me emotionally and never skips a beat. 

It is because he has been there through all of the ups, the downs, the mistakes, the celebrations and still he finds a way to forgive me when I do wrong. He loves me when I need it before I even realize I need it and he is happy to do so. Thus, he has earned that title. My best friend. He deserves!

This self care post goes out to you Big Frieze and all other animals that are supporting their humans emotionally; especially during these trying times. Y’all are the shit! Take some time, give some extra love, treats and support to your furry friend. If you don’t have an animal friend, find one! Even if it’s just for the weekend. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you. Spend time in gratitude to our creator who made these animals just the way that we needed them: with love. 

Until next time- Peace and love,



About the Blogger 


Tiana, or Ti as she is lovingly called is a proud advocate for all things authentic and true. Born and raised in New York, she later found herself in 7 cities, Virginia and then later in Charlotte, NC, where she has spent the last 6 years until Summer 2020. Tiana attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte during this time and double majored in Sociology and Psychology. After deciding to continue her education in studying human behavior, she received her M.ED from The Johns Hopkins University. Today, Tiana continues her educational journey working to help shape the minds of today’s youth, in Chicago, IL. Having combatted multiple years of anxiety and a bit of depression, she is excited to share her story and her continuing journey into healing.

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