Do You Swirl?

If so, does that disqualify you to speak on Black issues? One thing that i have been noticing in the media as of late is the promotion of interracial couples and families. I’m glad that the media is starting to put more interracial couples on the screen but i’m also looking at all of this new found love of black and white with a side eye (we’ll get back to that later). Anyway, how do you feel about dating outside of your race? (and i’m speaking specifically to Black women on this one) Dating outside of your race has often been associated with some type of leveling up or success, especially when Black people do it. First, I think that I should start off by saying that whoever you decide to spend your time with is no one else’s business and should not determine how you choose to (if you choose to) fight the oppression of your people. 

I have heard some pro-black leaders chime in on social media arguing that if you have any other race of person on your arm when speaking on black problems, you are an infiltrator and disqualified from lending your opinion. But is that really true? We can agree that some of the most influential Black voices have pulled up to the function with a mate of a different persuasion and their views on how to remedy oppression of Black people are probably the strongest. Does who they choose to spend their life with skew their opinions and omit their fight against systemic racism? Or should I be asking the REAL questions? Why do they prefer another race over their own or did they just happen to fall in love with someone who was not the same hue as them? Speaking from personal experience, I have been my full self when i’m with anyone but i have experienced less judgement and ridicule from men outside of my race when it comes to my physical appearance and taste in different social activities. I am aware that the preference of different things doesn’t stop at one race but in my experience there hasn’t been someone who appreciated all that comes with being me. However, no matter the color of the person I'm with, I will always fight against the injustice of black people. Tell me what you think: Being Brown Beauties? Does your interracial relationship disqaulify you from speaking on Black issues?


About the Author:  Germôna Sharp

Germôna Sharp is a vocalist, actress and writer originally from Pittsburgh, PA; currently resides in Raleigh, NC. She has appeared in many different productions such as Blood Done Sign My Name, Sister Act: The Musical, Steel Magnolias and so many more. As a writer she has written articles for Chatham Life and Style, critiquing community and regional theatre productions and television specials such as, Black Is King.
“I hope to capture the raw feeling, every bit. I want every black mind to be unlocked; the reader to walk away being so motivated by my words that they go forth and move the world.”


  • Kuan said:

    I enjoyed this read bc my partner is Dominican and while some will say Dominicans are black, in my opinion they are not our black, the targeted black. It’s also been a heated discussion between my partner and I. However, I chose to use it as a learning and growing opportunity, to get to know each other deeply in order to instill a strong sense of identity in our daughter 🌻

    February 06, 2021

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